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Self-knowledge leads us to a deep trip to the interior. Inherited behavior patterns from our parents, family, society and lifelong, we acquire values, beliefs, fears and attachments. If we add all this, we realize how we are building our reality and determining our happiness or unhappiness.

Often we give more value to the outside, forgetting, or drowning, our inner voice. When we start to get closer to life, we realize that it brings in are experiences that always help us discover who we really are.

To really find out who we are, we need to make a big housecleaning within us, examining very carefully what we like and want to save, which only needs dusting, which still serves us after a good cleaning and what we should discard , throw out or replace.

Search our truth and draw the shades, is a very painful process. When we stop asking "Why do I deserve this or that event?", We realized that all our experiences are the result of our choices, we have full responsibility for them. Lion

As we've come to look within, in our hearts, we can actually discover who we are and, therefore, our needs become clearer, which makes us a more balanced and positive person, leaving no space for manipulation and weaknesses.

Recognizing the negative points, can change them and build confidence so they do not occur again, we are able to make a more conscious choice and open ourselves to change the way of viewing life.

Thus, we enter into an internal growth process, that of no return, because it is the first step toward self-knowledge.