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About Myriam Durante

The holistic psychotherapist Myriam During born in São Paulo on April 20, 1959. As a child, he realized that was sensitive, which made close to live with spiritual and paranormal phenomena. Trying to understand how the mind works and why have these gifts (that both frightened), began researching the various forms of spirituality, different religions, parapsychology and the human mind (his passion).

At 15 he made his first course of mind, discovering that already practiced everything I was learning. This made it increasingly for answers and knowledge, taking advantage of the opportunities that appeared to make new experiences and participate in courses and experience. Myriam During accumulates long and deep self-taught work. She has participated in several courses and studying spirituality and human behavior for over 30 years.

"My father was a dentist and also attended by hypnosis. It was a deep knowledge of astrology and yoga, and had interest in all issues related to spirituality and parapsychology. At night, as a child, was afraid to be alone in the room and went to the hall. It was there that were my father's books (he had a vast collection of books on subjects related to mind). I began to read out of curiosity, but with time, I realized they were talking about things that I felt, and I started to identify and interest me about these matters. I tried to read, watch movies, and stopped not once had the opportunity to do my first course of the mind. I did courses in schools and individual teachers in the area and other complementary.

Through these experiences, I realized how the mind works, memories, the unconscious, etc. I found that to know the right approaches, everything becomes possible to be corrected. So, I created a therapeutic approach that enables the client / patient a better quality of life and the body-mind-spirit integration. "Today, remembering everything now, Myriam see who was always seeking to understand the truth, covering several studies of ways to conduct your life and that of their clients / patients in the difficult path to self-knowledge. Myriam created a new therapeutic approach to Seek Self, which combines different techniques such as hypnosis, dowsing, neurolinguistic programming, regression memories, among others; awakening the importance of self-knowledge for changes of habits, behaviors and thoughts in maintaining physical and mental health.


  • Holistic Psychotherapy: CRTH BR-0156;
  • Formed in parapsychology and Memories regression by the National Institute of Parapsychology (INPAR) - Professor Dr. Frei Albino Aresi;
  • Master in Mind Control by the International Academy of Sciences Mind -. Professor Eduardo M. Resende;
  • Master in Clinical Hypnosis by the International Academy of Clinical Hypnosis y Experimental (A.I.H.C.E - Spain) - Professor Dr. Juan C. Naranjo Alcenga;
  • Hipnóloga Condicionativa by the Brazilian Institute of Hypnosis - Professor Luiz Carlos Crozera;
  • Hypnosis Course Ericksonian;
  • Lethargy and Hypnosis training in the Brazilian Institute of Parapsychology - Professor Paulo Passion;
  • Holistic Therapist at AIANATU associated with the Atalanta Institute of London - Professor Pier Campadelo;
  • Pranic Healing with Master Choa Kok Sui.Pirâmides and Dowsing with Rolf Muller;
  • Dowsing, Forms of Energy Pyramids and the Association Mens Sana;
  • Transcendental Meditation by the International Society of Meditation;
  • Courses with Pier Campadelo, training in Holistic Therapies: Reiki, Dowsing, Feng Shui, Mind Control, Past Life Therapy, crystal healing, Reflexology, Color Therapy and Aromatherapy;
  • Courses in meditation area and deepening in Kruya and Pranayama the Self Realization Fellowship;
  • NLP Course (NLP);
  • Personal & Professional Coaching;
  • Workshop Trauma and Hypnosis with Dr. Stephen Paul Adler (Punta del Este, Uruguay);
  • I Congress of South American Hypnosis (Punta del Este, Uruguay).


  • Sensitive therapist: work with Frei Albino Aresi, the National Institute of Parapsychology;
  • Healing work in Dowsing (energizing chakras) with Pier Campadelo;
  • Participation in the formation of AIANATU association, to which I belong to this day;
  • Work in caring for people with cancer, hepatitis and other diseases, following the teachings of Rudolf Muller;
  • Creating a healing group in 1997, along with Pastor Francisco de Moura;
  • Collaborating on the Site Alphaville, with a weekly column on Self;
  • Member of the discussion group created by the Brazilian Society of Hypnosis and Hipniatria (SBHH), affiliated to the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH);
  • Member of the Institute of Condicionativa Hypnosis;
  • Group member Mentalists Templars of mind studies, in all its variations;
  • Member of PNL- Brazil group, discussing about NLP;
  • Member of Pyramid group, which studies the effect of the pyramids.

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