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Memory regression

In many cases, the past continues to act on present time, producing suffering and difficulties.

Memory Regression

Using a Memory Regression Therapy you have the opportunity to make a direct contact with past situations that weren’t well resolved and are, somehow, negatively affecting your present.

These situations maybe connected to moments of your current life (during childhood mainly, but also adolescence), during pregnancy (uterine) or birth.

Memory Regression is a very efficient therapeutic technique that uses many resources to conduct the patient to deep levels of selfconciousness.

Most psychological and psychosomatic has its origins in the past and discover it produces a last longing relief, besides awakening your inner wisdom – that is capable of guide you how to make decisions and answer your questions, making possible an unblocking and emotional harmony and bringing cure to your current life.

It all happens thanks to a selfknowing metod in which we look for suffering origins and current life questions in the past. The person expands its consciousness and has the possibility to find within herself the answers of her life.

The memories regression is indicated and can be used to help in cases like this:

  • - Relationship problems (between relatives, couples, children, friends…)
  • - Fears and phobias in general
  • - Professional difficulties
  • - Depression
  • - Panic Syndrome
  • - Addictions
  • - Traumas
  • - Obesity

The selfknowing allow us to be more assertive and to take a better course to your life, with more trust, respect and sensibility.

Myriam Durante